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🔥 According to a survey of users of popular dating apps (Tinder et al.), 80% of women do not use a condom and on their first date. ⠀

The fact is, sexually transmitted infections (STIs) may not have any symptoms. The carrier of the infection can infect a partner, sincerely unaware of it. For example, chlamydia is asymptomatic in 85-90% of cases, leading to serious consequences, including infertility. ⠀


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Gingivitis is an inflammatory disease of the gums. It occurs in people of all ages, genders, and ethnicities, and is reportedly even more common than tooth decay. However, many people simply don’t notice the initial stages of gingivitis, and only begin to deal with its more serious effects when it gets worse. At the initial stage, this remedy sometimes helps:

Gingivitis can be local and genera


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Forms and presentation

Freshener Cort tablets: Film-coated tablets: Box of 10.
Frencher Court Syrup: Syrup: Bottle 60 ml.


Frencher Cort tablets: Each tablet contains: Desloratadine 5 mg

Frencher Cort tablets: Each tablet contains: Desloratadine 5 mg, Betamethasone 0.6 mg...

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The most important pharmacological feature of promethazine is its strong antihistamine (H1-blocking) activity. Prometazine is well absorbed when administered orally. With different routes of administration it penetrates through the blood-brain barrier...

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The risk of facing peptic ulcer disease is at least one in every two hundred people in the world. The good news is that this disease is treatable, the main thing is to be able to recognize it in time.

What is a stomach ulcer

In fact, ulcers can occur not only in the stomach, but also in the part of the intestine that is located just behind the stomach...

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Peptic ulcer is a chronic polyetiological pathology that occurs with the formation of ulcerative lesions in the stomach, a tendency to progression and the formation of complications. The main clinical signs of peptic ulcer disease include pain in the stomach and dyspeptic symptoms. The diagnostic standard is endoscopic examination with biopsy of pathological areas, X-ray of the stomach, detection of H. pylori...

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Denis Slinkin
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There are several reasons why the sugar in your blood may be higher in the morning, says doctor Denis Slinkin.

First, FBS remember that diabetes mellitus is a progressive disease in which the hormones produced by the body may become insufficient and unable to compensate for glucose in the bloodstream. In addition, insulin resistance prevents cells from taking glucose effectively.

Now keep in mind that while your body is physically resting during the night,...

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QuickPen syringe preparation and injection

  1. Pull the cap of the syringe handle to remove it. Do not turn the cap. Do not remove the label from the syringe pen. Make sure insulin is checked for type of insulin; expiration date; appearance. Carefully roll the pen syringe 10 times between your palms and turn the pen syringe 10 times.
  2. Take a new needle. Remove the paper sticker from the outer cap of the needle...
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Characteristics of the substance Promethazine

Phenothiazine derivative. Crystalline powder of white or delicate yellow colour, odourless. Slowly oxidizes in the air, gaining a blue colour. Very easily soluble in water, well soluble in alcohol.


Pharmacological action – antiallergic, mesoanesthetic, antihistamine, antipruritic, anti-emetic, sedative.

Promethazine dosage competitively blocks H1-histamine receptors, has antiexudative, anti-a...

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  • active ingredient: tramadol;
  • 1 ml solution contains tramadol hydrochloride 50 mg;
  • auxiliary substances: sodium acetate, trihydrate; water for injection.
  • Medicinal form. Solution for injection.
  • The main physical and chemical properties: a transparent colorless liquid.
  • Pharmacotherapeutic group. Analgesics. Opioids. Tramadol. ATX code N02A X02.
  • Pharmacological properties.


Treatment of Ulcers with Tramadol hydrochloride

Tramadol dosage – central active opioid analgesic...

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