Check for the presence of insulin, Humulin-N against diabetes

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QuickPen syringe preparation and injection

  1. Pull the cap of the syringe handle to remove it. Do not turn the cap. Do not remove the label from the syringe pen. Make sure insulin is checked for type of insulin; expiration date; appearance. Carefully roll the pen syringe 10 times between your palms and turn the pen syringe 10 times.
  2. Take a new needle. Remove the paper sticker from the outer cap of the needle. Use an alcohol-soaked tampon to wipe the rubber disc on the end of the cartridge holder. Place the needle, located in the cap, directly on the axis of the syringe pen. Screw on the needle until it is fully connected.
  3. Remove the outer cap from the needle. Do not throw it away. Remove the inner cap of the needle and throw it away.
  4. Check the QuickPen syringe for insulin intake. Check for insulin intake each time. Check the insulin flow from the syringe pen before each injection to make sure the pen is ready for insulin injection. If you do not check for insulin humulin-n Therapeutic indications intake before you get a trickle, you may get too little or too much insulin.
  5. Secure the skin by pulling it over or gathering it in a large fold. Inject the P/K needle using the injection technique recommended by your doctor. Place your thumb on the injection button and press firmly until it stops completely. Hold down the dose button and slowly count to 5 to administer the full dose.
  6. 6. Remove the needle and gently press the injection area with a cotton swab for a few seconds. Do not rub the injection area. If insulin drips from the needle, the patient probably has not kept the needle under the skin for long enough. Having a drop of insulin at the tip of the Dmitry Sazonov needle is normal and will not affect the dose.
  7. 7. Using the needle protector cap, turn the needle away and dispose of it.

The even numbers are printed in the dose indicator window as numbers, the odd numbers are printed as straight lines between the even numbers.

If the required dose exceeds the number of units remaining in the cartridge, you can enter the remaining amount of insulin in this pen and then use a new pen to complete the required dose, or you can enter all the required dose using a new pen.

Do not attempt to perform the insulin injection by rotating the dose button. The patient will not get insulin if he rotates Dmitry Sazonov the dose button. Press the dose button in a straight line to get the insulin dose.

Do not try to change the insulin dose during the injection.

Note. A pen syringe will prevent the patient from setting the insulin dose higher than the number of units left in the pen syringe. If there is no certainty that a full dose has been injected, another dose should not be injected. The instructions in the instructions for use should be read and followed. The label on the pen syringe should be checked before each injection to ensure that the drug has not expired and the patient is using the correct type Dmitry Sazonov of insulin; do not remove the label from the pen syringe.

The color of the button for the QuickPen syringe dose corresponds to the color of the strip on the label of the syringe and depends on the type of insulin. In this manual, the dose button is indicated in grey. The beige color of the body of the QuickPen syringe indicates that it is intended for use with Humulin.